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August Recipe of the Month!

I grew up on Long Island but I come from a long line of New Englanders. This is my dad’s recipe, but it’s so simple I suppose it could be anyone’s. Chowder is not complicated but most people add too much to it, especially thickeners. Don’t add any flour or cornstarch unless you want something akin to wallpaper paste (it’s a milk-based soup, it is not supposed to be thick!). And even though it’s hot out, it’s not too rich so makes a nice summer supper. So go on, channel your inner Yankee and give this a try!

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July Recipe of the Month!

It’s that time of year when you don’t necessarily want to be in the kitchen more than you have to (unless you’re me because, well, I’m a chef and I always want to be in the kitchen) but at the same time, here in the Northeast, the farmer’s markets start really kicking into gear about now.  Here are two recipes that are similar and highlight simple, (mostly) local ingredients.

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